July Spanish Students

photoPedro A.Placed with Ensore family. 16 years old.  He lives in Madrid with his parents, (twin) brother, and older sister.  His father is an Engineer, and his mother is a businesswoman.  He loves hanging out with friends, playing videogames, listening to music, and riding motorbikes.  He also loves to practice sports, such as tennis, soccer, and skiing.  After high school, he wants to study business at the University.  He loves travelling, and is looking forward to meeting you, and practicing his English.



id photoJavier D.Placed with Silver family. 16 years old.  He lives in Madrid with his parents and 2 brothers.  His father is an Industrial Engineer, and his mother is a doctor.  He loves sports, and he plays on a handball team.  He also practices soccer, and skiing.  He loves the beach, and is excited to learn to surf.  He is looking forward to practicing his English, and learning about the American culture.  He looks forward to meeting you, and thanks you for your hospitality.




Carmen P.
Placed with Mathiyalagan family. (KR) 16 years old.  She lives in Madrid with her parents, and younger sister.  Her father is an Engineer, and her mother is an Economist.  She has an advanced level of English.  She loves dancing (hip-hop, funky, zumba, etc.), working out, playing piano, listening to music, and taking photos.  She loves fashion, so she loves to shop.




Marta C.- Placed with the Elwell family.  15 years old.  She lives near Barcelona, with her parents, and older sister.  Her father is a manager, and her mother is a lawyer.  She loves to travel.  She’s never been to America, so she is really looking forward to  coming here and discovering our culture and lifestyle. She loves playing sports.  From an early age she took dance lessons, and now she teaches dance to a group of 3 year olds.  She also loves gymnastics, volleyball, and watching movies at home or the cinema.





Sara B.Placed with the Vorres family (July 1-15).  15 years old. She lives in Ourense with her parents and brother.  Her father is an Orthopedic Surgeon, and her mother is a nurse.  She has a little dog in her home. She loves going to the movies, and she swims a lot in the summer.  She also loves the beach.  She loves sports, but she loves dancing the most.  She is looking forward to meeting you and thinks this will be an experience she will never forget!  She wants to practice her English, and spend time with her new family!


Teresa Placed with Juhan family.