Spanish Group Itinerary

This is the tentative itinerary for the July program 2016

July 1 (Fri)-  Arrival in evening, Welcome Reception.  Details will be emailed soon.

July 2,3 4 (Sat-Mon)-  Weekend with host family.

July 5 (Tues)- Surf Camp #1 – Student Orientation, Water Safety.  12:15-4:30pm

July 6 (Wed)- Universal Studios.  9am-9pm.

July 7 (Thur) – Surf Camp #2.  12:15-4:30pm

July 8,9,10 (Fri-Sun)-  Weekend with host family.

July 11 (Mon)-  Surf Camp #3.  12:15-4:30pm

July 12 (Tues)-  Boomers.  11-4 (tentative times)

July 13 (Wed)-  Surf Camp #4.  12:15-4:30pm

July 14 (Thur)- Cinema & Wave Water Park.  Drop off time approx. 11-11:30am, depending on movie time. Pick up @ 4pm.

July 15, 16, 17 (Fri-Sun)-  Weekend with host family.

July 18 (Mon)-  LA City Tour.  9am-9pm.

July 19  (Tues)-  Surf Camp #5.  12:15-4:30pm

July 20 (Wed)-  Surf Camp #6.  12:15-4:30pm

July 21 (Thur)-  Train ride to San Diego.  Spend the day in the city.  This is the first day of Comicon. It will be very exciting to be in the city during this world famous event.
Approx drop off time will be 9:30am, pick up approx. 4:30pm. Details by email coming soon.

July 22, 23, 24 (Fri-Sun)-  Weekend with host family.

July 25 (Mon)-  Magic Mountain.  9am-9pm.

July 26 (Tues)-  Surf Camp #7.  12:15-4:30pm

July 27 (Wed)-  #8 Final Surf Camp, Surf Competition.  12:15-4:30pm

July 28 (Thur)-  Last day with family, Farewell party in the evening.  Details coming soon.

July 29 (Fri)-  LA beaches, followed by departure @ LAX.  Depart @ 8am.  Details coming soon.