“I was nervous to host a student at first, as were my kids — and it turned out to be one of our best experiences ever. Really — the program by San Diego Coastal Homestays is great — more than great!  The students are busy during the week with surf lessons, most of the Thursdays are ‘excursions’ for them (last year they went to Magic Mountain, Hollywood, Universal Studios) and the ‘host’ teen gets to go with them — you provide a home, meals and weekends — so they can see American family life. It is a cultural experience for the students.  Meeting Guillermo and making him a part of our family for two summers has been a great experience for us — our kids met and welcomed a new person to our home, they were able to ask about his customs with his family and his country, and they were able to see our customs from a different perspective. One of the great aspects about SDCH is that they offer group activities for their students and the host teen (also a few family activities) so that we were able to meet many of the other students and families in the program.   One of our children has since traveled to Spain to stay with Guillermo’s family. Our children are motivated to learn a language and the experience has broadened our horizons. We would recommend the SDCH experience for anyone, even if you are hesitant!” — Anne V. Carlsbad, CA.

“Having hosted many students in the past 20 years, we can say without a doubt that Carol and Jen of San Diego Coastal Homestays know how to do the job right. They do an excellent job of placement and communicating with families before and during each program.   For the past 2 years we’ve had the pleasure of hosting one of the adult chaperones from Spain and have learned more about the challenges SD Homestays experiences with each group. Carol and Jen are highly professional and see to it that the students have the best experience possible while here. We’ve been very impressed with the time and effort spent on planning and executing activities that are fun for everyone, and that includes the children of host families. They have also handled some difficult issues with a great deal of care and respect. We don’t think you will find a better team than Carol and Jen and look forward to hosting again next year.” — Kathy and Steve P.  Vista

“At first, we were hesitant to host as it was a new experience for our family.  We fell in love with our first girl, and enjoyed it so much that we have hosted every possible opportunity since then. In August we will go to visit some of our girls in Spain, as we have earned our free trip.  This is an amazing program and I would recommend hosting for SDCH to everyone.” — Brendan and Kim M.  Encinitas, CA.

“My daughter and I have been participating in this program for three years and now going on our fourth year. We have had great students and great experiences with the program. My daughter loves interacting with the students as well as the other host families’ teens. It is a great summer program and we look forward to having more students. Over the past 12 years we have hosted more than 30 exchange students from various countries with several exchange student programs and I must say Carol and Jen have been the best program by far! They are extremely kind and are detailed and organized in their selections of families and students. Whatever situations are encountered they handle every situation with grace and a positive attitude. My daughter and I love Carol and Jen and we look forward to the summer of 2013!” — Alexxis V.  Oceanside, CA.

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. We were pleasantly surprised with the excursions and the constant communications. It was also wonderful to reconnect with families that we haven’t seen in many years. My daughter had a fabulous time meeting new and reconnecting with old friends. We look forward to doing it again.” — Rose C. Oceanside, CA.

“We had a wonderful experience having Alvaro spend 4 weeks with us. This was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time because I also wanted my son to benefit from this experience. Alvaro was a sweet, well-behaved young man who quickly became a part of our family. The best part was that we established a very good rapport with his family in Spain and we now have friends across the Atlantic. All in all, it was a great experience and I was thoroughly impressed at how well organized this all was and how much work and attention to detail is placed in making the visit for these students as memorable as can be. I would love to do this again next year.” — Lorena F. -San Marcos, CA.

“We very much enjoyed the program. Cristina is a lovely girl and we enjoyed having her stay with us.” — Natalie H. – Carlsbad, CA.

“I absolutely loved this program and I feel that it was a wonderful opportunity for my family to participate in.” — Jill L. – Vista, CA.

“I think you are a great team and I really enjoyed all the quality families I met and the kids from Spain. It is obvious you guys put a lot of time and planning into your program. Thank you for letting me be a part of it this summer!!” — Linda D. – Vista, CA.

“Thanks for everything you two did, it was a fun experience for all! Javier called us the day he got back just to say he arrived safely, it made me realize that he really had become part of the family!” — Karen W. – Encinitas, CA.

“Everything was great with Fernando. Really nice kid… was a pleasure to have him. Brendan and Fernando really got along well. So yeah, all was great!” —  Brad C. – Carlsbad, CA.

“Thank you for including us in this program. We had a wonderful time with our Lucia, but how could you not?! She was a perfect guest. What a great program this is for them. It was so well organized with classes or an activity everyday. Good job ladies!” — Julie W. – Encinitas, CA.

“We loved having Angel stay with us!” — Lydia Z. – Oceanside, CA.

“Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to host Jacobo. Not only did we bond with Jacobo, we also ended up meeting and bonding with several of his new friends and now count them as extended family. We were a little concerned at first that he would be occupied enough and that he might get bored but he looked forward to the days planned activities while we could do our family stuff like work and school and summer camps already scheduled for our kids. He loved the water, loved surfing and loved the day trips but you could see how happy he was to come home each evening. As a family, all of us came away with something from this and we look forward to staying in touch with Jacobo, his family, and even his friends that he introduced to us for a long time to come.” — John & Alejandra M. – Vista CA.

“We had a great time both of our girls were terrific. They were polite, kept their rooms and the bathroom clean. The website was great, you kept in touch via e-mail. The itinerary was full and they appeared to have a great time. Events came off timely and the girls arrived home on time, usually tired, just the way we like it.” — John & Jan O. – Encinitas, CA.

“Speaking of the program itself I think it was great! We’ve hosted Japanese students and in comparison your program was much better as far as field trips, giving host families the option of driving their students and the allowance to offset the cost of their daily meals, so over all I really liked the program! Also, I was pleased to hear when a student was placed with a not so desirable family he was removed from the situation immediately, that says a lot for how much you care for these students! You two are angels, I don’t know how you do it!” — Sylvia L. – Oceanside, CA.

“It was a memorable experience for Marcelo and I think you did a fabulous job. Great job, girls!” — Ann M. – Oceanside, CA.

“Our student was awesome. We met many outstandfing kids and were impressed by their friendly and open attitudes. My kids were also impressed… they mentioned that they weren’t sure a group of 42 American kids in Europe would be as well rounded and impressive!” — Michelle B. – Carlsbad, CA.

“Thanks for the opportunity. We enjoyed our student and felt the experience was rewarding for everyone.” — Doug S. – Encinitas, CA.

“We are very positive about the experience and would gladly host again next year.” — Irene C. – Carlsbad, CA.

“We have had a wonderful experience and have found a new friend in Spain.” — Kay R. – Carlsbad, CA.

“This program was sooo awesome! It was so enjoyable meeting all of the students!! I look forward to going to Spain to visit them all. They changed my life. Great program!” — Leah T. Oceanside, CA.

“I think you two did a great job. Our family had a great time with Marta. I think she learned a lot and she taught us a lot about Spain.” — Linda A. Carlsbad, CA.

“We really had a good experience with Carlos, and our son benefitted from having a Spanish exchange student. We are happy to have hosted a student this year.” — Kathy P. Carlsbad CA.

“Overall, I thought the program was great. They were busy, your trips were well organized and fun. I thought you all did a great job coordinating the busses, limos, drivers, etc. I was very impressed. You kept cool heads in spite of small unforseen “incidents” and dealt with them very well. You were always available to me.” — Cindy M. Encinitas, CA.

“I think it was well organized. I was always able to reach you when I needed to.  After a couple of weeks, my 14 year old daughter fit in and had a blast. We would definitely host again!” — Lorna C. Carlsbad, CA.

“You made this a fabulous experience for our family.” — Carol R. Carlsbad, CA.

“We would rate this program a 9 out of 10. You were always available.” — Angie C. Oceanside, CA.

“We all think we got the best one from Spain. What a great young lady. We were very impressed with thte whole program.” — Margaret F. Oceanside, CA.

“All is great! This is such a wonderful experience. Ignasi is a gem! Thanks for such a memorable experience. Thank you so much for letting us host Ignasi for his stay in CA. This is the greatest experience with such a wonderful boy! Your organization and efforts toward the happiness of the children is unbelievable! I am so glad we could be a part of all of it!” — Kelly B Carlsbad, CA.


“In six weeks of time, I experienced a lot and made a lot of new friends. I think American people are great and so nice! Carol and Steve tried to get the best out of the time for me and I really enjoyed it. I’m sad that I’m leaving, but I’m definitely coming back!” — Melissa Struik – Lemelerveld, Holland

“I really enjoyed being an exchange student with SDCH. I spent three months in Oceanside, and had the opportunity to meet different host families. I also met other students from Europe, and I plan to visit them in their countries. I really had a wonderful time with the program, and I wish I could have stayed even longer.”
— Aurélie Jacqueminet – Urrugne, France

“I have participated in several homestay programs organized by SDCH. I have worked with different agencies before. Many were competent, but SDCH has a lot more to offer than competence- kindness, generosity, and a real love for the kids. They have always given us more than we expected, and were always available. Leaving SDCH and the families they choose is always heartbreaking for all the students, and none is going to forget the wonderful time they had thanks to SDCH.” — Maryse Regtmeier – English Teacher – Avignon, France

“Thank you for inviting me into your lovely home. I have stayed with other American families but my time here has been the best. You are both lovely, Carol you are a crazy lady and have made me chuckle. Lots of love and best wishes.” — Tracy B. – Norfolk, England

“First of all, I would lke to say “thank you very much. I worried about new life in American before I came to here. However, now a lot of worry has disappeared. I have lived very well and study hard in your house. It is all reason why you gave me a lot of love and warm concern. I want to say again “thank you”. Because of you and my housemates, I’m so happy to be in your house and I have learned a lot of American cultures. I hope that you and I keep a good relationship until the day I have to leave here. After the time I go, I want to keep in touch with you. I love youand your house forever. See you later, someday.” — SUN KIM – Korea

“I had a great time with you and really appreciate to take care of me. Thank you for help me everything. I love your smile. Thank you for good meals. Whe I came her I spoke English little. Now I able to speak better than before because you talk me many times and correct my English and pronunciation. I enjoyed talking with you and housemates. Thank you very much for everything. I’ll come here soon again to meet you.” — Harue Y. – Yokohama, Japan

“Thanks for all, really. I apreciate you so much. You were important in my life, thanks for give me love and helps me with my English. I hope you never forget me, because I never forget you. Thanks you for making me feel at home. I love you so much.” — Denisse T. – La Paz, Bolivia

“Thank you for making my first trip abroad the best experience of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better host family to live with for the 2 months I was in the USA. I appreciae everything you did for me and I have so many great memories that I will never forget. I can’t wait to live in American in a few years so I can keep enjoying the American lifestyle. Thank you for everything.” — Claire Geeves -Tasmania, Ausatralia (Claire has returned for homestays several times since this letter was written)

“Thank you, I spent 6 fabulous weeks with good food. I hope to return very early to meet all of you and spend good and unforgettable time. Please come in Italy to meet me and enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget me!” — Francesco U. – Italy

“Thanks you for your care. My writing is not good, so I think I will make wrong. I am happy to come here. You are the best homestay. I am sad about go home. If I can I will come to American again. I love you. I will miss you.” — Edward W. – Taiwan

“Thank you! I’m very happy in America. I will remember your house, your chicken soup, your taco, and your pizza. Everything in America are very good. I don’t want to leave, but I have to go back to China. If I go to America again, I will come and see you. I love you. I will miss you.” — Sun Z. – China

“Thank you very much for everything! I had a so great time with you, it was a fabulous experience for me!! I will never forget you, I’m sure I will come back one day. Thank you!! big big kiss Take care of you.” — Pauline H. – Bruxelles, Belguim

“Thank you for everything. This was my first time in the USA, and I’m never forget it. I’m happy to be back to France, but very very sad to leave you. I was pass veery good time in your house, and it yougo to France, call me. I’m always okay for receive you! Kiss!” — Clothilde – Lesigny, France